Follow the Yellow Brick Road Reading

Today I was drawn to do the Follow the Yellow Brick Road spread by Tarotmum13 of Instagram. I used my CBD Tarot de Marseille deck. This is a large spread which barely fit on my tiny table. I’m going to have to think of a better solution long term.


Where do you want to go? A self selected card.
  • 0. Kansas: The Star (17)
What keeps you going?
  • 1) Cowardly Lion: 10 of Cups
  • 2) Scarecrow: 10 of Coins
  • 3) Tin Man: The Chariot
  • 4) Dorothy: 4 of Swords
What blocks your path?
  • 5) Wicked Witch of the West: Ace of Coins
  • 6) Flying Monkeys: 9 of Coins
  • 7) Wizard of Oz: Page of Wands
Your way around this?
  • 8) Toto: 6 of Swords
  • 9) Glinda: Queen of Coins
There’s no place like home!
  • 10) Ruby slippers: 8 of Coins

The first thing that jumps out at me is the number of Coin cards there are. Not including my self selected card, half of the cards are Coins, so it would be worthwhile reminding myself of what they represent first, using Ben-Dov’s own interpretation.

Coins represent, in essence, the body. They often relate to money and material possessions, but they can also indicate possession, or that there is a possessive or practical attitude towards something. When I’m looking at a Coins card, I’m considering issues with very material concerns such as money, college (my workspace), and my home, as well as considering my own body and health. As a round, complete shape that doesn’t evolve in any direction, it is stable and conservative. This suit is characterized by practical thinking, a preference for concrete tangible things, and a preservation of what’s there.


0. Kansas: The Star (17) It’s interesting, then, that as my chosen Kansas card is The Stars as an aspiration towards openness, purity, guidance and intuition from Heaven, or at the very least, experiencing energy coming from a higher plane. Just an overall look at the spread suggests that what I’m coming up against is being rooted in a very practical approach.

1-4 What keeps you going?

The Cowardly Lion You are braver than you think! We all have times where we doubt our ability to move forward. What gives you courage? 10 of Cups: This shows someone with leadership skills and who has a position of responsibility and guidance over others. I draw courage from my ability to nurture and care for those in my life. I have to have the courage to move towards my goal in order to be the best me I can be to provide for them.

The ScarecrowYou are smarter than you think! What ideas do you have that could help you on the way? 10 of Coins: This card represents abundance and plenty. I need to seek stability from which to grow towards further gains. Seeing my own successes and achievements will help me keep going.

The Tin ManKindness, love and compassion go a long way! This is a two-way street. Be kind to yourself. Act with integrity, don’t trample over people in the rush to get where you want to go, and accept the kindness of those around you. Where can you find kindness? The Chariot: This card can be seen as a card all about victory and success, but it also shows a charioteer with a firm and steady hand. The horses in his reins were once wild, and they may still bicker or pull in different directions, but the charioteer maintains control and guides them forward. They have no hesitation over where the path leads. At first, I could see no relevance in this card in this position and then the word “John” popped into my head. He recently passed away but he is still here and is a huge part of what is driving me to keep going.

Dorothy – Stay calm and clearheaded, don’t let the setbacks keep you from staying on your chosen path. How do you stay on track? 4 of Swords: A stable situation is represented here, with some reasonable boundaries which are nourishing the flower within. I need to ensure I have all the necessary protections and boundaries in place to continue on this journey.

5-7 What blocks your path?

The Wicked Witch of the WestIdentify the person or situation most likely to stand in your way. What is your biggest stumbling block? Ace of Coins: This card appears to be lying on the ground so perhaps I am still very rooted into my past or my previous experiences. It can also represent financial stability but as this is a stumbling block it may be more that a lack finances is causing me to stumble. However, I don’t believe I need to spend money on anything that will help me to progress. This is also a card showing the beginning of a venture so perhaps the biggest stumbling block is simply my inexperience.

The Flying MonkeysThe Witch sends out her monkeys to do her dirty work. Who or what is trying to get you off track? 9 of Coins: This is a card that represents motivation. It’s the courage, endurance, and readiness to continue in spite of difficulties. Perhaps it is my own courage – or lack thereof – that holds me back.

The Wizard of Oz – Not everything (or everyone) is what it seems. The Wizard does not necessarily mean you harm, but his interference is more of a hindrance than a help. What could send you on a detour? Page of Wands: The Page lacks confidence and can hesitate. He holds the large wand that is in his way like it is too heavy – or complex – for him. He has desires that he can’t quite control because he needs more maturity and self-discipline to more forward. This is not an enemy as such, but perhaps a lack of confidence in the subject, or the self-discipline to not be distracted by the shiny objects (crystals) along the side of the path is what will lead me on a detour.

8&9 Your way around this?

TotoFaithful friends can help you stay on track, like Toto pulling off the sheet to reveal the Wizard for who he really is. Who or what can you rely on for honest feedback and support? 6 of Swords: This shows the ability to make the best of the present situation. Accepting my current limits and adapting myself to them. Perhaps some ambitions need to be set to the side for now as I focus on what is within my range until such times as my range expands.

GlindaSometimes you just get lucky and your wish can be fulfilled. Or someone can have the advice you need to get ahead. Where do you get the information you need? Queen of Coins: She holds tangible possessions in her hands. Although she is the Queen of Coins, she does hold on to some sort of wand, so she is still in touch with that more magical, intuitive side. I have all I need within the possessions I already have and can find the information there.

10 There’s no place like home!

Ruby SlippersYou have everything you need to get to your destination, you just have to figure out how to use it. What quality is going to help me reach my goal? 8 of Coins: This card shows regularity and uniformity. With the repetition of small tasks, with long and patient effort in keeping up the routine, success will be achieved.

So, I want to get more in touch with my intuitive side, looking for guidance from above. I am helped by the courage I draw from my own nurturing side, from the ideas I gain from seeing my successes, by ensuring the correct protection and boundaries are in place, and – most of all – by the memory of all John’s kindnesses. I must watch that I don’t stumble over either my own roots in the past or my inexperience, nor lose courage or motivation when success takes its time coming. And I must not allow the inexperience or lack of self-discipline to draw me off what I know is the right path. I must remember to accept and make the most of my current limits, and trust that I have all the information I need in my possession already. Finally, by creating a routine and repeating my small steps, I will achieve The Star that I desire.

Thank you to Tarotmum13 for this spread!

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  1. God knows what happened but it suddenly published a very early draft of the post! I THINK I’ve sorted it now but if anything seems out of sorts, just shout.


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