The moon revisited and Willow

Just over a week ago, I was meditating and had the sudden image of the moon along with the word Moon bursting into my head. With no idea what it meant, I searched for all the symbolism I could find on the moon and posted it here in case anything came to make sense to me. Maybe some nugget of information in there was accurate, but this morning I was idly scrolling through Instagram when I spotted The Bottanical Deck by TheCrackedAmethyst which is being released next week and contains both a tarot deck and an oracle deck. One of the cards shown was the Willow tree and it was used to represent The Moon within the tarot deck. I was immediately intrigued as I’m on the lookout for all things moon related and this had a special connection. One of my daughters is called Willow. Could the sign somehow be related to her? It’s a shame it was just one flash really, with no additional clue.

Still, my curiosity had been piqued and off to trusty Google I went. Has this tarot author just randomly linked willow to the moon, or is there a long standing link that I didn’t know about? It turns out that within Celtic traditions, the willow tree is connected to water which in turn connects it to the moon, and as a Celt myself, I like learning about the old traditions, so I read on. Willow has long been associated with ritual practices, being used for many things, including ceremonies intended to enhance psychic abilities, honouring the moon, and increasing love. The willow tree also brings an important message for those on their own spiritual journey, telling us to bend and adjust with life rather than fighting it – just as the willow, with its flexibility, bends and flexes without breaking. It can thrive in even the most challenging of conditions, reminding us to keep growing, no matter where you are planted.

But the connection went further still. They’re not just linked through water. Celts used the lunar calendar to create their own system of astrology – or zodiac – with thirteen signs instead of twelve. As trees were so important to the druids, they were used to represent each sign. Whilst the willow sign is said to be linked to the moon, so a further link to the image I had, it turns out that my daughter – Willow – falls under the willow sign in this zodiac, and so do I. It describes creative, intuitive, intelligent and highly psychic people. The full description and associated animal are really accurate, so this is something to think on for the future.

As for the image I saw, I don’t know how to be certain what it meant, but perhaps going forward, it can be my sign for my daughter (especially as I can’t picture faces). Maybe that’s the reason it flashed into my head.


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